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Puppy Supply List

Congratulations on your new puppy!!! Here's a list of the things that we think that will be helpful for you to have before your new family member arrives. We will be providing a collar.

Ian Dunbar Book


Dr. Ian Dunbar's Before and After Getting Your Puppy: The Positive Approach to Raising a Happy, Healthy, and Well-Behaved Dog.

Monks of New Skete Book


The Art of Raising a Puppy.

Cesar Milan - Dog Whisperer Book


How to Raise the Perfect Dog: Through Puppyhood and Beyond.



You'll need bowls for food and water. Puppies will turn bowls over so be sure and get bowls that are stable.

Earthborn Holistic Puppy Vantage

Natural Dry Dog Food


We really like this food for our puppies. It is what they were weened on. They love it and getting puppies to eat can sometimes be a challenge. We STRONGLY recommend that you stick with it.

Pee Pads


Pee pads will help you and your puppy. Your LTD puppy has been using pee pads since the puppy was 3 weeks old. While your LTD puppy would rather go outside to do his or her job, there may be times when you are not able to get her outside in time. If you have a pee pad handy for her, she is more likely to use that than the floor.

Simple Solution


Your puppy will have accidents. This is the best thing that we have found for clean-up.



You will need a crate. Your puppy should sleep in a crate after the puppy gets home so that the puppy learns not to pee or poo on your floor. You will also need a crate to transport your puppy safely to the vet. DO NOT let your puppy's feet touch the ground at the vet's office or anywhere else that you are not certain is Parvovirus free.

Play Pen


You need a play pen for the times that you need the puppy to be separated from you and your stuff. You can put the puppy's crate and food and water bowls, and pee pads in the play pen. It is a good idea to feed the puppy in the play pen. Do NOT put this directly on your carpet because the puppy may pee on the floor.

Floor Pads


These will go inside the Play Pen to protect your floor. You may want to get 2 of these to cycle through your washing.

Bully Sticks


Your puppy is teething. Your puppy will want to chew on something. The puppy can chew on your toes, shoes, furniture, maybe a stuffed animal OR you puppy can chew on a bully stick. Puppies love bully sticks. Most of the time, your puppy will prefer a bully stick to your new pair of shoes. Also, if your puppy likes to chew on hands or other body parts, swap a bully stick for your finger. :-) Disclaimer: Your puppy is going to chew up something that you wish that the puppy had not chewed up. If you use bully sticks, it will probably minimize your losses. :-) BE SURE TO GET FDA INSPECTED BULLY STICKS!!!



You will need to brush your puppy and your dog regularly. We recommend a slicker brush.



Lisa is a big fan of these harnesses as they don't put pressure on your dog's throat which could cause internal damage. Be sure and check the sizing chart to get the right fit for you dog.

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Copyright © Living The Dream Labradoodles 2018, All Rights Reserved

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